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1. Bella's Cream is painless and inexpensive. 

Save over $3000! Choose the world's #1 natural breast expansion cream, and avoid expensive surgery. Over 9000 women can't be wrong: it WORKS.

2. Give back today.

We donate 5% of our yearly profits to BCRF for their outstanding breast cancer research.

3. Be more feminine. 

Aside from "down there", the breasts define the female body.

4. Improve your appearance automatically. 

Most designs of women's clothes look best on women with bigger, firmer breasts.

Before and after Bella's Cream natural breast enhancement
Before and after permanent breast enhancement Cream

"The lazy way to bigger boobs without implants!" - Paula from St. Louis.

5. Attract gorgeous men effortlessly.

Let's be real here. Big-breasted women always seem to be the focus of attention of most men, and small-breasted women are often left unnoticed.

6. It's safe, fast, and effective. 

Due to the structural properties of the natural (safe) ingredients, you'll start seeing changes in roughly 17 to 30 days.

7. Appear more fertile. 

Unspoken sexual instincts dictate that bigger breasts are a good indication that a woman is more fertile than their small-breasted counterpart.

8. Boost your self-esteem and confidence. 

Escape the pain of low self-esteem over your breast size. Improve your self-confidence; improve your life. 

Why We're A Trusted US Beauty Brand:

• Tax is INCLUDED in our prices. No hidden fees.

• Very discreet packaging (no logo, just a plain box).

• Get your package QUICKLY from our nearby warehouse with FedEx Express or USPS. We ship worldwide.

• Satisfaction guaranteed! 90-day money-back guarantee. It's risk-free.

• Our firming and expanding topical cream is cruelty-free, US-made, plant based (vegan), eco-friendly & organic.

The best natural breast enhancement Cream before and after
Natural breast lotion for a bigger bust

"1, 2, 3!" Your New Breast Enhancer Gives You A Breastlift And A Size Boost Like This...

The three phases of growth:

1. The preliminary phase (≈12 days or less): it's normal for you to feel a tingling sensation here (many of our customers do — read our reviews).

2. The cell activation stage (≈day 12 to day 25): you might feel a subtle swelling sensation during this phase. Many describe this as quite a pleasant feeling.

3. The enhanced growth level (≈day 25 and beyond): breast growth will accelerate quickly. Keep going until you hit your dream size. 

*This is why we recommend purchasing 4 or more creams.

The three levels of growth:

1. Enlarging: this is the primary function of our cream. Join thousands of women who have enhanced their bust sizes with Bella's Cream.

2. Smoothening: the cream will give you smoother breasts thanks to the structural properties of the 5 primary natural ingredients.

3. Tightening: this is something our customers have been raving about lately.

They say that the cream has worked as a kind of "anti-ager for your boobies". Why don't you try it out yourself?

Natural breast enhancement Cream before and after she got bigger breasts naturally

No Costly Surgery Or Complex Airsculpt Treatment Needed! Here's How To Use Bella's Cream:

Simply rub Bella's Cream onto your breasts once or twice a day (twice a day for more growth) for 50 seconds minimum.

Use a healthy amount of cream; the cream should be spread fairly evenly over your breasts.

↦ Make sure you have enough cream to see the transformation YOU are looking for (4-6 creams or more are recommended).

The cream will absorb quickly thanks to our premium absorption technology (a new addition to our exclusive 2022 formula).


Bella! Ik ben een van die meisjes die het gevoel hadden dat ik grotere borsten zou moeten hebben, alsof mijn kleintjes op de een of andere manier niet van mij zijn ... Ik heb momenteel een D-cup (het voelt zo goed om te schrijven dat je niet kunt Stel je voor), en ik had een kleine B-cup. Lifechanger!

Louise Svensson (Zweden), 21 april 2020


Ik ben een verpleegster. Ik ben net begonnen met het gebruik van uw crème (ik ben er twee weken in) en mijn borsten zijn al merkbaar zachter !? Mijn man liet er zelfs een opmerking over achter. Ik heb een kleine B-cup en mijn doel is een D-cup. Ik vind het geweldig dat je doneert aan kankeronderzoek.

Paula Rubin, VS, 9 januari 2020


Somewhere in my mind I have always wanted large breasts... I just didn't admit it fully to myself. I think it's like that for many women. Your cream has helped me gain a cup size in two months (no other weight gain). THANK YOU!

Allison Adams (Engeland), 5 januari 2020


I'm quite a big girl, so to speak... Well, I've had saggy breasts for as long as I can remember. This cream has honestly worked like magic to make my breasts firmer. Plus, it's so affordable! I am forever grateful! I feel a lot better about my body.

Amanda Bailey (Ireland), December 28th, 2021


I've been using Bella Cream for the past four months, and the results are phenomenal! I've gone from a measly A-cup to a C-cup! I cannot believe this. Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3 I have just ordered a year's supply. Love you Bella!

Olivia Collins (USA), July 6th, 2020

FAQ | Natural Breast Enhancement (The Top 3 Questions Of The Week)

"What is natural breast enhancement?"

Do you want to increase the size of your breasts naturally and permanently, and escape the pain of low self-esteem in 2022...

...without paying THOUSANDS for breast surgery or fat-transfer?

That is natural breast enhancement; that is what Bella's Cream does for your body and mind.

"I have tried to exercise my pectoral muscles, but that does very little for breast size... Do breast creams actually work?"

In simple American English, yeah!

However, I'm an honest woman...

Most of the bust augmentation creams on the market are completely useless. They smell good, and that's about it.

They use ineffective ingredients that could even give you rashes or (God forbid) infections...

Bella's Cream, on the other hand, is a tried and tested breast cream. It's backed by over 1800 Google verified 5-star reviews.

"Are breast creams safe?"

Bella's Cream is made from natural, safe ingredients. It's a unique phytoestrogen formula based on pueraria mirifica, wild yam and vitamins that you won't find elsewhere.

Bella's Cream doesn't have a single negative side effect.

Our cream is not like taking birth control pills. When you take birth control pills, you increase your estrogen directly.

With our cream, you stimulate estrogen through our phytoestrogen formula, making it much safer.

Alert: Many of our customers have reached out about bad experiences of breast lotions and breast enlargement supplements on Amazon and eBay.

One woman reached out the other day. She has breast cancer, and had a horrible experience with an enlargement gel from Amazon.

3 tips while shopping online:

1. When you're browsing for an enlargement cream, check the reviews. Always.

2. Now that you've found an awesome enlargement cream, buy it with a solid money-back guarantee*.

3. Use trusted payment methods such as Stripe, Google Pay or Apple Pay. Use your credit card for extra protection.

*Our guarantee is simple: if you're not happy, you get a full refund (within 90 days). No questions asked. You don't even have to return your package.

Yes. There are many low-quality Walmart, eBay and Amazon breast enhancement lotions, containing utterly useless ingredients...

You see, ven the more popular breast enhancement pills and creams (such as Naturaful and Isosensuals) have NEVER been proven to work.

In fact, they will very likely NOT increase breast size at all. They don't post verified reviews either, which is very suspicious...

If you want a trusted enhancement cream, buy ours now. We make the only natural formula backed by cutting-edge phytoestrogen research.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Backed by 1800+ 5-star reviews

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