"Which cream is best for increasing breast size?"

"Which cream is best for increasing breast size?"

A Guide to Natural Breast Enlargement in 2022

Boobs are awesome! But breast size is a topic that is not often discussed. Nevertheless, it's a concern for many women.


For many of us, breasts define the female body. We want bigger breasts to feel more feminine, and to avoid that subtle pain of low self-confidence.

before and after using bella's cream for natural breast enlargement in 2022, real results


"But why are some breasts underdeveloped in the first place?"


There are many reasons for this issue, including puberty, pregnancy, genetics, and diet...

 Foods That Increase Breast Size NATURALLY- TOP 5 - ¡100% EFECTIVOS!

However, changing your diet to contain more phytoestrogen foods (like flax seeds and soy beans) does not always work to solve the problem...

Amazing Foods for Bigger Breast | HealthtoStyle


Understandably, many of us want to get bigger breasts than the ones we currently have.


The problem is, there are very few options for how to go about doing so.


Yes, you could do chest exercises like these to strengthen your pectoral muscles (but it takes a lot of time and effort):

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Furthermore, the cultural consensus seems to be that it's impossible to get bigger boobs naturally without surgery.


Indeed, some women choose to rely on breast implant surgery, but it does not come cheap (and can be quite risky). There is a reason only 1/100 choose to get implants because they are unhappy with their breast size.


You could even LOSE your breasts altogether!


There is also the option of a breast augmentation fat transfer, but that will cost a ton of money (even if it is considered almost risk-free)...


A cheaper method for women who want to get bigger breasts naturally without any risks or complications is using a breast enlargement cream.

 before and after using bella's cream for natural breast enlargement, verified results

But do these breast creams even work? And what exactly should you look out for when choosing one? We've received many questions from our readers, so... Let's answer them!


"Is there a breast enhancement cream that works?"


Hi Emma. We recommend using a breast enlargement cream that contains a mix of (natural) phytoestrogens(1).

(1) The hormone estrogen, if taken in high enough doses, increases breast size by stimulating growth of breast tissue. - Western New York Urology Associates


These are plant hormones found in soy and other plants like flaxseed oil.


They help increase the amount of estrogen your body produces which can lead to increased milk production as well as larger breasts.


You'll find more information about this on our homepage. These creams could give you bigger breasts naturally in as little as two to three weeks!


"So, is it possible to get bigger breasts naturally? I don't wanna waste time..."


YES, It Is Possible To Get Bigger Breasts Naturally.


Contrary to popular belief, breast enhancement lotions and breast enlargement pills do work. It just depends on which one you choose to go with.

 before and after using bella's cream for natural breast enhancement, real results

An example of a breast enhancement cream that works is Bella's Cream (our own brand). It's backed by over 1950 5-star reviews by women just like you.


You can also browse Amazon or eBay for other bust expanding lotions, but I have to warn you... There's a lot of crap out there. Be careful.


"How do I use a breast enlargement cream?"


Make sure that you use the following massage technique to make the most out of your bust enhancement cream:

  1. Massage it into your skin with circular motions until all areas are covered.
  2. Let the breast enlargement cream sink in. It will take about 5 to 15 minutes (depending on the cream) until you can put your shirt back on again.
  3. If you want faster results, then try applying more than one layer of the product and leave it on overnight. You can also apply some moisturizer afterward if your breasts are dry from the breast cream.


"Do breast creams have side effects? Are breast creams safe?"

 before after using bella's breast enlargement cream real results

Natural breast enlargement creams should NOT have any side effects. They even contain natural ingredients that can HELP with skin health and circulation.


These ingredients commonly include:

These links lead you to the trusted source of Western New York Urology Associates: https://www.wnyurology.com/


The only thing they may cause is a slight burning sensation when applied for the first time. This disappears after 10 minutes or so (sometimes up to several hours).


However, they may cause irritation or allergic reactions in sensitive skin types. If this happens, discontinue use immediately and consult with your doctor for further instructions.


Once again, I advise against breast enhancement gels from Walmart, Amazon and eBay. There are often of very low quality and can even be harmful.


Conclusion: Why you should get a breast enlargement cream today


I hope this article has helped to bring awareness to the topic of how to get bigger breasts naturally. You can always do a search on a reputable site like Science Direct for research-backed information on natural breast enhancement.


I encourage anyone that is interested in breast enlargement without surgery to consider using a breast enhancement cream like Bella's Cream, which is safe and effective.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a safe and effective way to make your breasts bigger, try using our formula. Apply it twice daily for at least 4 months, and you will see results!


It's risk-free! If you're not happy with our breast cream, you'll get your money back within 90 days of purchasing it. You don't even have to return it. Just contact us via the email provided on the product page.


In case you want to return the cream (if it's damaged), we'll send out an exchange label so that you can mail in your old bottle and receive a new one right away, for FREE. No hassle required.

 before and after using bella's cream for natural breast enhancement, real results

- Breast enlargement creams are the best way to increase breast size without surgery

- Bella's Cream is super easy to use, just apply 2-3 times daily for 4 months for noticeable results

- No prescription necessary, hormone free, 100% safe, made in America

- Get yours today!


Thank you once again for reading our article! We hope it helped you learn about natural ways to increase your bust size.


Good luck on your breast enlargement journey,

Paula Mann from Bella's Cream (Natural Breast Enhancement Expert)

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